Beef tips and noodles

One particular of our preferred comfort meals recipes is generating tasty, sirloin beef tips and noodles with gravy. Growing up, I was often utilized to beef guidelines above rice, but beef ideas and noodles is actually the significantly much more well-known way to appreciate this recipe.

I discovered this regional variation because my husband asked me to cook beef tips and egg noodles after. I required to appear up a recipe and realized it was an alternate strategy to a single of my childhood favorites. And now it’s a favored again–just in a different way.

I really like this effortless beef tips recipe for the identical explanation I love nearly all of what’s featured on this site–it’s effortless to make, tastes wonderful, and it keeps effectively for us to eat as leftovers.

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There are a lot of approaches to this recipe (noodles vs rice, slow cooker vs oven, and beef ideas vs stew meat), but this is my strategy to how to cook beef guidelines in the oven. I discover the oven to be the quickest selection.

Even although this recipe for beef ideas and noodles isn’t accomplished in the slow cooker, it even now will take 3 hours of cooking time. More than the years, I’ve realized that it is about the length of time for a football game. So, I prep the recipe and pop it into the oven for kickoff and meal is prepared when the game is carried out. For this explanation, this easy beef tips and gravy recipe has turn into a single of our go-to Sunday meals.

How to Make Beef Suggestions and Noodles

When I was initially researching how to make this dish, I noticed that a whole lot of recipes for beef ideas and noodles can be genuinely higher in sodium and have a good deal of processed objects. A lot of phone for packets of instantaneous onion soup mix and canned mushrooms (the texture of which I locate disgusting, sorry). So, although I do nevertheless have some objects in right here for comfort, I produced a couple of substitutes.

In this recipe for beef suggestions and gravy above noodles, I’ve replaced the onion soup recipe with an onion and some added garlic powder. I’ve also replaced the canned mushrooms with sliced button mushrooms. By making use of the fresh components, I reduce down on the sodium significantly…and it actually tastes greater.

Truly preparing the recipe is quite simple–everything but the noodles goes in a casserole dish and gets baked reduced and slow for 3 hrs. Just just before the beef guidelines are completed, I cook the egg noodles so that all the pieces are prepared to go at the exact same time.

Selecting the Beef

The biggest decision in this recipe is the beef. You can make this recipe with both beef tips or beef stew meat. If you’re asking yourself what are beef ideas cut from, the answer is usually the tenderloin (if anything else, it is always labeled). Beef tips are the part of the tenderloin left above following the filet is eliminated.

When meat is known as “stew beef” or “stew meat,” it’s a tiny tougher to know what you’re receiving. This variety of meat can come from any lower of beef. So, your stew meet could be tenderloin, but it could also be something else. The crucial on generically labeled stew meat is to look at the fat concentration and marbling in the meat. If you’re cooking in a slow cooker, you want plenty of body fat, but since this effortless beef tips and noodles recipe is cooked in the oven, we wished a medium amount of excess fat articles.

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