Apple turnover

October eleven, 2017 By Sam 23 Feedback

Apple Turnovers manufactured totally from scratch! This recipe commences with my homemade pie crust, is produced with a basic apple filling, and topped off with a drizzle of vanilla glaze! Much better than store-bought!

I thought that since today is my 3 year wedding ceremony anniversary (previously. ), I’d celebrate with a throwback to the area exactly where Zach and I 1st met more than a decade (. ) ago.

I know I’ve pointed out this ahead of, but Zach and I met when we were just 16, beneath the cherry and apple turnover show of our neighborhood Arby’s rapidly foods restaurant.

It was a 1st work for both of us, and even even though it took two many years for us to finally begin dating (though I couldn’t have dropped any more hints) and I’m happy to by no means truly set foot in an Arby’s once more, I have a minor bit of nostalgia for the location in which I met my now-husband, and for the turnovers that they offered there .

I don’t believe Zach ever actually enjoyed their apple turnovers, and truthfully, neither did I, but he would help me pack up the leftovers at the finish of the day into a brown paper bag to consider home to my household members, who loved them.

My sister, Andi, has been asking me for many years to recreate their turnovers, and even though I took some creative license to improve this recipe, she was actually, genuinely content with the end result.

These apple turnovers are made totally from scratch, and alternatively of a thick flaky puff pastry, I opted to use my homemade pie crust recipe alternatively, which helps make these like sweet small hand pies. It also makes it possible for a whole lot far more room for the apple pie filling, and you’ll have buttery, flaky crust and sweet caramelized apple filling in every and every bite.

Make sure that when you’re making your apple turnover filling, you cut your apples into small pieces. It will appear like a lot of apples when you 1st include them to your pan, but they’ll cook up in the pan and will be just sufficient to fill your crust. Allow the filling cool just before including it to your dough, otherwise you run the chance of melting your pastry dough.

If you do discover that your dough gets to be also soft to handle in this approach, just return it to the refrigerator for a number of minutes and it will firm back up.

I brushed the turnovers with a simple egg wash to support them get that golden brown shade, and I also sprinkled them with coarse sugar prior to baking. The recipe calls for an effortless vanilla glaze that I also topped them with, and whilst I advocate both the sugar and the glaze (hi, yes, sugar fiend here ), these would be fine with both just the sugar or just the glaze.

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